Sony announces new dev tools and PlayStation Home 1.5 upgrade

Sony has announced at the Game Developers conference in San Francisco that it has updated PlayStation Home to Version 1.5. The new update will be hitting the PS3 in early spring. A bunch of new tech is coming with the update that will let the dev enhance PS Home experience with real-time multiple player action, better physics, and more realistic graphics and animation.

Sony says the single goal with the 1.5 update of PS Home was high quality games. Sony says that the new physics engine will allow the devs more control over physics elements in the game along with graphics rendering and animations that will give a better player experience when played. The main goal on the 1.5 update wasn't to bring new features to the users as the 1.3 and 1.4 updates did, but to enable the developers to build games that players will actually want to use.

To show off what the tools will allow devs to do Sony has a jet combat game called Sodium One from Lockwood Publishing that will launch along with the 1.5 update. The game has jets that battle against each other that can be highly customized. The game looks really cool; you can hit the link here to view the video.