Sony Airpeak is a small drone that can wield Alpha mirrorless cameras

Sony has introduced what it says is the smallest drone ever capable of toting its Alpha camera system, making it a key new hardware option for photographers. The Airpeak drone is part of Sony's plan to launch a business that caters to video production and professional photography — it'll arrive in spring alongside the Airpeak brand.

Airpeak marks Sony's entrance into the drone market, one that will specifically target photographers and videographers looking for a high-end way to capture aerial content. Unfortunately, Sony didn't provide many details about the drone, though it did show it off in a few images and video.

Sony explained that it has introduced the Airpeak brand with a 'goal to further develop today's drone technology while achieving the utmost in value creation.' The company goes on to state that its Airpeak drones will be the smallest class of these aerial vehicles capable of wielding its Alpha mirrorless camera system.

Though we don't know the tech specs for this drone, Sony says it will offer professionals precise and dynamic shooting with stable flights. The images reveal a quad-copter design with retractable landing structures and a large camera housing.

It ultimately makes sense for Sony to get in on the drone market with a focus on cameras — while the market for point-and-shoot fixed-lens digital cameras has dwindled substantially with the rise of smartphones, the mirrorless camera market has managed to grow over the past few years. Drones have become popular among photographers and production companies, offering new ways to get the perfect shot.