Sonos ZoneBridge 100

So what does this thing do? Who is Sonos? Sonos is the company that enables you to literally spread your music and other web-based audio streams around your house like its your manifest destiny.

The ZoneBridge 100 does one of two things, lets start by saying that without this device, you have to dedicate on of the ZonePlayers to wherever your router or internet connection is, with this device you no longer have to do that, it can take the place of the one device with an internet connection allowing the rest of the system to be wireless. Or, if you'd prefer, and you have a hugemongous house, you can use it as a simple range extender for your Sonos system.

I don't know if you know how much the standard Sonos equipment go for, but let me assure, its not cheap, well worth it, sure, but not cheap. On that note, this little ditty will be going for about $141 and should be available on or around October 24th.

Sonos ZoneBridge 100 Coming this Month at £69 [via automatedhome]