Sonos adds new stereo pair mode to ZonePlayer S5

Shane McGlaun - May 10, 2010
Sonos adds new stereo pair mode to ZonePlayer S5

The Sonos ZonePlayer S5 went on sale in the US back in November of 2009. The S5 has an amp and a wireless receiver along with a speaker sporting five drivers inside its sleek enclosure. Sonos has announced that it has added a new mode to the S5 called stereo pair.

The new mode is being added in a new software update and allows the user to use a pair of S5 speakers as stereo speakers. The user can designate each speaker as a left or right unit for better sound. Standard S5 speakers operate on their own.

The feature is a slick way for users who have multiple S5 units to combine two speakers when they want better sound and then return the individual units to stand alone mode when they want music in multiple rooms. The speakers are synchronized to prevent any latency issues when used in stereo pair mode. The new mode will be offered in the 3.2 software release set for this month.

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