Sonim XP3 Sentinel phone keeps lone workers safe

Shane McGlaun - Jun 17, 2010
Sonim XP3 Sentinel phone keeps lone workers safe

Some people work all by themselves in situations where they are far from help and could be seriously injured. These folks need equipment that can stand up to harsh conditions to keep safe. Sonim has announced a new mobile phone that is designed specifically for workers alone in harsh conditions where injury is a daily risk.

The handset is called the XP3 Sentinel mobile phone. The device is rugged and meets military standards for resistant to water, salt, humidity, and shock. The handset uses a gorilla glass screen and can be submerged in up to a meter of water for 30 minutes.

The interesting safety feature of the phone is a set of buttons that are green, amber, and red. The green button can be used to signal the start of a shift or the end of one. When the worker is going into a dangerous situation, the amber buttons ask for enhanced GPS coverage in case of an emergency. When an emergency happens the red buttons automatically reaches a call center with GPS location information and emergency assistance is routed to the location. The GPS information can be sent once every three minutes for 24 hours before the battery dies.

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