Sonic Screwdriver remote is just what the Doctor ordered

If you're a fan of Doctor Who, be prepared to be greatly impressed by the latest geek toy from Think Geek. ThinkGeek has a new Sonic Screwdriver Programmable TV Remote that looks like the Mark VII Sonic Screwdriver used by one of the many Whos. The device is a universal remote control that allows you to control your home theater components using gestures.

The device promises to be able to learn the control codes for just about any regular remote control. Once it knows those control codes, you can set up your own custom gesture movements to control your components. The device supports up to 13 gestures and has three memory banks allowing the storage of up to 39 different remote control codes. The default gestures include things like rotating the remote clockwise and counterclockwise for adjusting volume.

Each of the gestures triggers a classic sound effect, and the tip illuminates with green light. If you don't want to hear the sound effects, there is a quiet mode and a lock code is available to keep your kids from changing the channel. The remote supports four different modes, including practice mode, control mode, quiet control mode, and the FX mode. The device runs on a pair of AAA batteries and is set to ship in early September for $99.95.