Some Sony smart TVs now support HBO Max streaming service

The new HBO Max streaming service finally opened to sign-ups this week, giving consumers yet another major option for watching on-demand TV shows and movies. A day after the service's launch comes a related announcement from Sony: some of its smart TVs now support the service. With this support, owners of these TVs will be able to directly download the app rather than having to use a third-party device.

According to Sony, its smart TVs that run Android now support the HBO Max service. With this, users can download the app, which will be featured in the Sony Select row on the interface. The app is available for customers located in the United States.

The Sony Android TVs are the latest to support HBO Max, which is also available on a large number of consumer platforms. HBO Max can be downloaded on Chromebooks, Android TV, Apple TV, Android mobile devices, iPhone and iPad, desktop computers, and Samsung TVs. WarnerMedia's platform also supports the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

HBO Max is home to a huge library of content, pitting it against the biggest names in the streaming market. The service boasts content from a variety of television networks, including TBS, Cartoon Network, and Adult Swim. The service also offers anime in a deal with Crunchyroll, movies from Warner Bros. and Turner Classic Movies, and more.

With the huge catalog comes a somewhat hefty price tag, as well. HBO Max costs $14.99/month after an initial 7-day trial, making it more expensive than Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and the lower Netflix plan options. Some AT&T customers are getting the service for free, however, as part of their wireless plans.