Some people can now get COVID-19 vaccines in Target fitting rooms

Retailer Target has teamed up with more than 600 CVS Pharmacy stores to help get COVID-19 vaccines to its customers, employees, and others. The partnership involves the CVS locations found in Target stores across the US, which already work together on things like shingles, pneumonia, and flu vaccines.

The COVID-19 vaccines have become increasingly available in the United States and, under the current estimate from the White House, there will be enough doses for everyone by the end of May. The mass vaccination campaign requires quite a bit of planning, however, and multiple organizations and stores have stepped up to help distribute and administer the doses.

Target is now counted among those companies. In an announcement today, the retailer said that eligible people will be able to visit one of more than 600 CVS stores within Target locations to receive one of the three authorized vaccines.

Certain Target stores will allocate fitting rooms as places where CVS can host appointments with people looking to get vaccinated. The public can already search on Target's website to see whether they live near one of the stores where CVS is administering vaccines.

However, not everyone will be able to get vaccinated at this time — rules are in place that limit who can get the vaccine initially, with eligibly still largely restricted to people who have select high-risk health problems, among other things.