Some Nissan owners can now start their vehicles using Alexa voice commands

Nissan has announced that it has become the first automotive manufacturer to support "name-free invocation," making it easier for vehicle owners to access car functionality via Alexa-enabled devices. Nissan customers can now ask Alexa to start, lock, and unlock the vehicles using simple requests like "Alexa, start my car." Odds are many Nissan owners already have an Amazon Alexa device in their homes as it's one of the most popular smart speakers out there.Nissan brags that it is the first automaker to work with Amazon on new features to leverage the Alexa Connected Vehicle Skills API. Leveraging that API makes it easier for customers to control vehicle functions via Alexa. One of the best bits about the new Nissan announcement is that you don't need a brand-new Nissan vehicle for the Alexa voice commands to work.

Nissan says that vehicles equipped with NissanConnect Services support the Alexa-enabled commands. A NissanConnect Services skill update is automatically available right now. At launch, that skill includes the ability to start, lock, and unlock vehicles. Homes that have multiple Nissan vehicles can also personalize the name of each of the vehicles and use specific commands to control which vehicle is started, locked, or unlocked.

For instance, customers can say things like "Alexa, lock David's car," or "Alexa, start my Rogue." There is no indication that there is a limit on the number of vehicles that can be named to work with the Alexa skill. As for compatible vehicles, Nissan says owners with vehicles equipped and enrolled in NissanConnect services can use the Alexa skill today.

Compatible vehicles include:

  • 2016 and newer Altima
  • 2018 and newer Armada
  • 2017 and newer GT-R
  • 2016 and newer Maxima
  • 2017.5 and newer Murano
  • 2017 and newer Pathfinder
  • 2016 and newer Rogue
  • 2017 and newer Rogue Sport
  • 2017 and newer TITAN
  • 2016 and newer TITAN XD
  • 2016 and newer Sentra (excluding 2019 and 2020)