Some iPhone 7 Plus reported to "hiss" under CPU load

The -gates seemingly aren't going away soon. After "bendgate" hit the Web, netizens seem to be extra vigilant, almost to a fault, for any and every design, structural, or technical flaw on smartphones. Given its prestige, every new iPhone is naturally the subject of even more scrutiny. Especially this new iPhone 7 generation, considering how many things it has changed. The latest report claims that the iPhone 7 Plus in particular makes a hissing or buzzing sound from the back of the phone, particularly when under some heavier load.

In comparison to the criticisms on the lack of headphone jack or the new button-less home "button", this "hiss-gate", should they call it that, seems to be more controversial, splitting camps into two. On the one hand, there are those who have reported such a phenomenon, speculating that the buzzing noise comes from the more powerful A10 CPU, as the sound seems to be localized to the logic board's position. And it seems to get worse as the smartphone gets taxed more.

On the other side of the fence are those calling it gibberish, not because it doesn't happen but because they see it as a normal phenomenon for any electronic device. Though the comparison with a MacBook Pro might not really be accurate, as they are very different CPU architectures and devices (not to mention one has a fan). There are even others who claim that all iPhones exhibit that behavior, though also concede that the iPhone 7 Plus' noise is noticeably louder.

The jury is still out on the issue but, at least for 512pixels who went public with the problem, AppleCare was willing to replace the unit.

Add the complaints about a home button that might not work while wearing gloves and a missing headphone jack, the iPhone 7 is shaping up to be one of Apple's most talked about smartphone, though not in completely good ways.