Some Intel Ivy Bridge processors to debut on April 8 say sources

We already know that the Intel Ivy Bridge processors are coming and that they are the follow-ups to the Sandy Bridge units already available. Not too long ago some pricing details on the Ivy Bridge parts leaked for us to look at. Today more rumors are surfacing about the Ivy Bridge processors. The source of the rumors that DigiTimes cites are PC makers in Taiwan.

According to the sources, some of the processors will debut on April 8. Previously we had heard May was the launch date. The desktop processors that are fingered for that launch date include the Core i7 3770K, 3770, and 3770T along with the Core i5 3570, 3550, and 3450 parts. Pricing will run from $184 to $332 according to the sources. The Core i5-3470T will sell for $184 and is set to debut in May.

Other parts coming in April include the budget Z77 processor for $48, the H77 at $43, the Z75 at $40, and the B75 for $37. Intel will be launching a very expensive notebook CPU called the Core i7-3920Qm in April at $1096 with the 3820QM and 3720QM at $598 and $378 respectively.

[via DigiTimes]