Some GTA V rumors claimed to be true by source

Yesterday Rockstar came out of nowhere with the announcement that the trailer for GTA V would be landing early in November. This news sent fans of the franchise all around the world into full on rumor mode. Rumors started to surface that said the game would be based on a real-world location and that multiple playable characters would be offered.

Kotaku reports that a source familiar with the game has said that some of the rumors that were flying around are in fact true. Kotaku cites multiple sources claiming that the multiple playable characters rumor is true. Other rumors claim that the game will be set in real world Los Angeles rather than a fictional city. This would make sense to me and a real city where you can explore actually places to loot, kill, and pillage would be cool.

I have always wished that GTA would license some real cars so you can steal rides that are available in the real world. It would be cool to go into the LA hills and steal some rich dudes Ferrari or jack his house with a view. We should know more in a short time since the trailer is set for next week. This game had better be good.

[via Kotaku]