Some Clues to the absent Who's Next DLC

So we've all been waiting around to hear the announcement of when the album "Who's Next" will be showing up on Rock Band. I know that I was pretty surprised when the first full album ended up being from the Cars. Well, while Harmonix has made no official announcements on the matter, we may have found a cause for the delay, straight from the mouth of Pete Townshend himself. Hit the jump for a quote.

Who's Next, it turns out, is no longer a complete set of masters. An entire side has been stolen from our vaults at some point. These things happen. Someone, somewhere, has it in a cupboard and is waiting for us to die? What then?"

Without a full set of masters, it's next to impossible to add this album into Rock Band. Sure, they could use covers, but Harmonix knows that it wouldn't be the same. There hasn't been any official word from the crew at HMX, but I'll see if I can't get in touch with them for their thoughts.

[via Official Rock Band Forums]