Some Chromebook owners now get three months of Stadia Pro for free

Google has just introduced another perk for Chromebook owners, this one involving its Stadia cloud gaming service. This new perk differs from the existing Stadia offering made available to Chromebook owners, the one offering a Premiere Edition discount to certain model owners. This time around, Google is giving Chromebook owners free access to Stadia Pro for three months — but only some Chromebook purchases are eligible.

For those unaware, Google offers special revolving perks to consumers who buy a Chromebook, introducing them to new services while adding some incentive to pick up one of its Chrome OS laptops. The company recently added a year of free Dropbox cloud storage as one of these benefits and now it is back with a new addition only a few days later: Stadia Pro for free.

Though Stadia itself is free — assuming you have the right hardware and purchase games — its Pro variant is not. This paid subscription service gives Stadia players access to discounts that aren't made available to other Stadia users, as well as instant access to the free games added to the service monthly. Pro users can also play games at 4K resolution with 5.1 surround sound support. The offering costs $9.99/month.

Under its Chromebook perks program, anyone who has a Chrome OS laptop that was released in June 2017 or later can claim the perk. Three months of Stadia Pro would ordinarily cost $29.97 USD, making it one of the better perks available to Chromebook owners. Cloud gaming, of course, is the exact kind of gaming these low-powered devices can handle.

If you own a Chromebook, you can head over to the Perks website to find the new Stadia Pro free months offering, as well as the recently added Dropbox perk, links to various free games like The Elder Scrolls: Legends, as well as 100GB of Google One cloud storage, Duet Display for Chromebook, and similar things.