SOLOSHOT2 adds tilting movement to auto-follow camera

If you're the type to who loves to do stunts or sports action moves, you have two popular choices for recording those once in a lifetime moments. Either you get someone to follow you along with a camera, or you invest in a smart drone, that will either automatically follow you along or let someone else pilot it. But what if you can't afford either option? That's what SOLOSHOT2 does for you, and all you need is a regular digital camera and a tripod.

The way SOLOSHOT works is that it sits in between the tripod and the camera. This base follows a special waterproof tag that the subject wears on his or her wrist. This way, wherever you go, so does the camera, which can rotate a full 360 degrees at 80 degrees per second. SOLOSHOT2 improves on this and adds the ability to tilt the camera 150 degrees, this time at a slower 35 degrees per second. A single camera can follow multiple tags, focusing on the fastest-moving, closest, or the one that sends the "call camera" command. Multiple cameras can also train their eyes on a single tag for a multiple perspective shot.

A new optional camera module has also been introduced to give users more control over SOLOSHOT2. For example, they can now stop or start video recording at the press of a button. It even has zooming controls for a more focused shot. And lastly, the wearer can assign "highlight commands' which are more useful when editing a footage and seeing which moments are worth focusing on or preserving.

SOLOSHOT2 is compatible with a lot of tripods, though if you really want to play it safe, you can also buy the special tripod for it. The Base and Tag come in a pair and sells for $399. The Camera Controller is sold separately for $99 while an additional Tag costs $149.

VIA: Gizmag