SOLOS AR smart glasses are made for athletes: now available

SOLOS has launched its latest generation augmented reality smart glasses, a model designed for cyclists and other athletes. These smart glasses were first unveiled during CES 2018 as what SOLOS says is the world's lightest model of its kind. Though targeted at consumers, they're specifically for fitness enthusiasts, cyclists, and other sporty people.

The SOLOS smart glasses have a fairly modest design; they don't immediately draw attention to themselves, though anyone close enough will notice the small armature over one lens. When used, the SOLOS glasses offer data that would otherwise require the user to look away from the road or playing field. This helps improve concentration and safety.

The built-in pupil display allows for see-around and see-through vision while offering the equivalent of a "large virtual screen." Content on the screen is presented in high resolution and full color, though the display itself measures in at only the size of a human pupil. The display can be viewed in full sunlight.

Joining the display are audio prompts, which include turn-by-turn directions while navigating and metrics data on the athlete's performance. Users set goals within the mobile app, which is available for iOS and Android. Rounding it out is voice control. With this, the user can pull up metrics, initiate phone calls, and other things without using their hands.

SOLOS says a low-power Whisper Voice Chip offers accurate speech recognition and natural voice quality in noisy places. Users have the option of chatting with others in their group, including coaches, and there's also support for playing music through integrated audio projection speakers and earbuds.

SOLOS is offering its latest-gen AR smart glasses for $499 USD now.