Solo: A Star Wars Story trailer hints at a heist gone wrong

Like it or not, a solo Solo movie is coming next month. While few will argue that Harrison Ford's character is one of the franchise's most iconic, some still debate whether Han Solo is big to get an origin story movie of his own. Regardless, fans will probably gobble every bit of (new) canon info they can get to piece together the pieces of what made Han Solo the colorful, almost enigmatic, swashbuckling rogue he was by the time of Episode IV.

A driver and pilot by heart, the Solo movie seems to paint the young Han as someone in search of something. At least something that doesn't involve profits, which is almost a far cry from his adult version. That alone could tickle fan's curiosity about what happened in between.

That "something" seems to revolve around the Star Wars version of Ocean's Eleven, a heist mission that recruits the most unlikely characters. Of course, that includes the smooth talker (Lando), a feisty lady, a mysterious femme, and a droid thrown in for comic relief. And, of course, a 190-year-old Chewbacca.

Like the standalone Rogue One, Solo: A Star Wars Story is banking on the curiosity of fans of the franchise to get a chance for a peek into a world and time outside the trilogy of trilogies. But while Rogue One is able to start mostly fresh, Solo is both boosted but also weighed down by its connections to the main films. Production drama doesn't help its prospects either. Solo: A Star Wars Story premieres 25th May.