Solar-Powered NES Emulator Called Solar MP4

So, obviously it plays MP4 videos on its 3.5-inch TFT LCD screen, but it can also play music, or, my personal favorite, video games. It also has solar panels in it, and they claim that with this, in a fairly sunny space, you'll never have to plug this thing in to charge it.

The movies, music, and games are all loaded via and SD card, but you can load up e-books as well, and if they are in English or Chinese, it will read them to you. And the solar panels, they aren't limited to charging just the device they are built into, with a USB cable you can use it to charge other gadgets as well.

The best part is you don't have to put up with the solar panels all the time as they are inside the devices clamshell design, the downside is that it's hard to play while charging. You can play NES, GameBoy, and GameBoy Color games all on this thing, but you have to get them in their ROM version, I'd recommend checking torrent sites, but just remember it's illegal to have a ROM of any game that you don't own the actual hard copy of.

Personally I like the way it looks, and the screen size is more than perfect for playing video games on with a 320x240 resolution. Its nice that it won't cost you a small fortune to get one either, its just $123.32 to get one.

[via ohgizmo]