Soccket ball uses gyroscopic mechanism to generate power from soccer play

Way back in 2010 we first talked about a cool soccer ball that was designed to charge your devices using an internal generator. The ball is called Soccket. Fast-forward several years and that gadget charging soccer ball is now available to purchase. The Soccket is available to buy for $99.

The idea behind the device is that same as it was back in 2010. The Soccket ball has a small generator device inside that is attached to a battery pack. As the ball is kicked around, the generator converts motion into electricity.

That power is stored in the attached battery pack. The power stored in the battery pack is transferred out via a USB port on the side of the ball. The power can be used to provide light or power a smartphone.

It lacks enough power to charge larger devices like tablets. The maker says that 30 minutes of playing will create and store enough power for three hours of light. This generator would be ideal for use in developing nations where power is sketchy or for those who spend a lot of time away from an outlet camping or hiking.

SOURCE: EverythingUSB