Snooz "sound conditioner" aims for restful sleep

Some people need total darkness to sleep, others need a little light. In the same way, some people need complete silence, but others need noise. That noise can come from a smartphone app, but the artificial nature of these noises make it ineffective for some. Others just flip the fan on, but that's not feasible in certain situations, and is a waste of energy. That's where Snooz comes in — it's a relatively small saucer-shaped horizontal "sound conditioner" that provides white noise.

Snooz is portable, which makes it more realistic for use when traveling than an actual fan. In addition, it has different settings so that the level of noise it produces can be adjusted. This includes a "nursery calibration" for use in a child's bedroom, as well as better energy efficiency than a fan and a related app.

The device features its own proprietary fan design, as well as a so-called "acoustic bottom" and vents that allows noise out. It is most unique due to its volume dial, which lends a speaker-like element of control to something that is, at its most basic level, simply a small fan. Tapping the center button turns the device on and off.

Snooz, LLC, the company behind the device, is seeking $100,000 USD on Kickstarter, where it has currently raised a little over half of its funding goal with 46 days remaining. Those who are interested can pledge $59 USD to get one Snooz unit in either cloud or charcoal colors. Shipping is available internationally and estimated to start in March 2016.

SOURCE: Kickstarter