SNES Portable is bulky but a nostalgia lover's dream

If you've been into gaming for any great length of time, you'll no doubt have a soft spot in your heart for SNES and all of the wonderful games it gave us access to. But now, you can relive that Nintendo magic with this SNES portable device.

Okay, so it's pretty bulky and not very portable at all. It has to be plugged in and it still uses the old SNES cartridges. A hard drive here, would have been nice. But still, it definitely layers on the nostalgia in a healthy coating with the overall layout. The button placement is pretty good and there's no doubting what this portable is supposed to be.

I can only really see this being useful if you have old SNES cartridges lying around. If not, you'll probably want to opt for one of those emulators so you can store games on a hard drive. Still though, this one takes me back.