SNES-001 Advance brings dual-controller mod to retro gamers

Despite all the advancements in 3D graphics, voice recognition technology, motion controls, and online interaction, there is still a large market for gamers who want nothing more than to play the same games they played decades ago. Because the major game companies don't spend much time on retro gaming, it's up to modders to pick up the slack. Enter the SNES-001.

It's a new device that allows players to play through their favorite Super Nintendo (SNES) games. That concept isn't really anything revolutionary – there have been many other portable SNES mods out there, so why is this one so cool? Because it supports multiplayer. The contraption was built with two controllers together, allowing a gamer and his friend to play games like Super Mario World together, each with his own dedicated screen.

Unfortunately, they need to be plugged into each other via a hard wire, but that only helps to add to the vintage experience. The dual controllers, sold as the SNES-001 Advance, are currently up for sale on Ebay for $500. One vintage video game fan with a good disposable income is going to be pretty happy.

[via Engadget]