Snapchat voice and video calling features leaked

Chris Scott Barr - Jan 25, 2016
Snapchat voice and video calling features leaked

If you want to send a pic or a video to someone complete with a note and a doodle on it, then Snapchat is probably the app you open to do so. It probably also helps that the app lets you know if the photo you sent was saved by the recipient. Well, in addition to these features, it would seem that the people behind the loveable ghost icon are hard at work at some other interesting things for the app.

If you’re on Android, you may have heard of the unofficial Snapchat module named Snapprefs. This app expands the capabilities of Snapchat significantly. Well, the creators of Snapprefs have been digging around in the official app, and have found code that points to a few unannounced features.

The first big feature that was unearthed is audio and video calling. It would seem that with the success of their video features, that the company is ready to tackle real-time video calling. Personally, I struggle to find a reason why I’d choose to use Snapchat over any other video calling platform, but I’m sure they will offer some appealing reasons when they make an official announcement.

The other interesting find was the existence of a ChatV2 interface. This will include stickers for the chat windows, which the company could potentially sell. If other platforms are an indicator, simply selling stickers for their chat functions could net them a fair amount of new profit.

It’s possible that these are features that the company is still kicking around, and won’t actually end up releasing. However, the fact that the code exists in the live version of the app leads me to think that we’ll see them eventually.

VIA: PhoneArena

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