Snapchat video lands on Android as a private beta

Snapchat is an application that has been around for a while now for the iPhone. The app allows users to send pictures and short video clips to other users that are supposed to automatically delete themselves. The problem for a lot of users of the application was that a number of hacks have surfaced that make it rather easy to save content sent using the app.

Snapchat has launched a private beta that brings video capability to Android users. Along the with the ability to send video to other users, the app also supports the ability to send photographs that users of the application are familiar with. The app is a pre-release beta build meaning that it should isn't complete and ready for launch right now.

The official Android update bringing video to the standard application will be coming a later date. Exactly when that update will happen is unknown at this time. The video feature for the iOS application launched in December of 2012.

Many people maintain that Snapchat is only useful for sending certain types of naughty pictures. However, the app has grown significantly with over 60 million snaps sent per day. Users have shared over 5 billion snaps in a bit more than a year reports TechCrunch.

[via TechCrunch]