Snapchat teams with MLB to launch 'Snapchat Day'

Major League Baseball and Snapchat have teamed up to launch what they call 'Snapchat Day.' On March 11, MLB players will be given the greenlight to use smartphones while games are underway, doing so to take selfies and videos for sharing on Snapchat. The selfie stick 'SnapBat' first introduced last year will also be resurrected for Snapchat Day, bringing with it a new design; each team will get its own SnapBat.

Snapchat and the MLB announced a multi-year partnership today, and Snapchat Day is the first result of that partnership. The idea is fans will be able to see content directly from the players while the game is underway, providing a unique sort of behind-the-scenes perspective...and just maybe a bunch of people will sign up for Snapchat who previously weren't interested.

This is the first ever instance of MLB players being allowed to use smartphones while a game is taking place, though they'll no doubt be relegated to the dugout and similar locations that don't compromise the game itself. Each team's SnapBat will be unveiled during the game, and the team's players will all have the option of using it.

Snapchat Day will have the Snapchat landing page featuring an all-day Live Story with content from the players. As well, various snaps will be posted on teams' own accounts, individual player accounts, and the MLB account. Given the new partnership, Snapchat may have similar days — or more general event coverage — in the future, as well.

SOURCE: Yahoo Sports