Snapchat taps Zynga for its own Among Us clone called ReVamp

Last year's surprise hit Among Us inspired a number of clones in the app stores, followed more recently by a very similar game mode called "Impostors" in Fortnite. The latest to get in on the genre is Snapchat with the help of Zynga, the company that once dominated the world of mobile games with titles like FarmVille.

Snapchat is home to Snap Games, a feature in the popular social media app that was introduced in 2019. Snap Games is a portal to various games that can be played directly in the app, ones that are often fairly simple in nature and similar to old-school Flash games. The latest title coming to Snap Games is ReVamp.

Unlike Among Us, which features little bean-shaped characters and one or more monsters who are impersonating personnel, ReVamp features humanoid characters, some of whom are actually vampires. Players must run around and complete tasks while avoiding the vampires.

In Among Us style, players may come across a dead body and report it, allowing the team to argue over who may be responsible. The game has a very basic cartoon design and can, based on the trailer, be played in ordinary portrait mode rather than having to rotate your phone.

According to Zynga, ReVamp will be a multiplayer title that you can play with your friends. The game will be exclusive to Snapchat and only available in some markets, the game developer revealed, noting that this is its third exclusive title for the social media app. It's unclear when the game will be released.