Snapchat hack sends photos of smoothies to friends list

If you are an avid user of the app Snapchat, you are familiar with hacks and other issue that make the app not so secure. One of the big issues in the past were hacks that allowed people to save the pictures that you sent them indefinitely. If it was something mundane like a shot of your lunch, perhaps not such a big deal. If it was a racy photo of something else, saving it could be a big deal indeed.iPhone users were also subject to an attack that could leave their smartphone locked. Another issue with Snapchat has surfaced that is bizarre. A new hack is sending people photos of smoothies festooned with a link that leads to a scam website. The way the hack works is that when the nefarious user gains access to your account, they send out the shots of sweet drinks trying to trick your friends into visiting the site.

Snapchat says that it is familiar with the hack and that it has been happening the last few days. Snapchat says that this mostly happens when someone has your email and password and is able to gain access to your account on the first try. There has been no evidence of brute force attacks leading to hacked accounts.

Snapchat is trying to find the source of the attack and plug any security holes. It's unclear at this point how the attackers are gaining access to the password and email information. Snapchat is warning users from using any third party apps that asks for your Snapchat credentials. If you get a picture of a smoothie, don't follow the link.