S'mores Maker lets you make s'mores sans fire

S'mores is some good eatin'. My kids love s'mores, but I can never get the marshmallow just right over a campfire. They always end up too burnt so it's like eating a charcoal and chocolate sandwich. Cook them a little less and you end up with a nicely toasted outside and a solid inside that won't properly squish between the graham crackers. S'mores making is partly science and partly mess avoidance for me.

I have taken to making s'mores in the microwave, but it turns out that microwaved marshmallows and shaving cream have something in common. Shaving cream continues to grow and grown so what starts out as a little ends up being enough to shave a horse's butt. A nuked marshmallow tends to grow in the same manner; I believe this is how the Stay Puffed marshmallow man came to be. What I need is this dedicated S'mores maker to get the perfect blend of slightly brown and properly mushy marshmallow.

You can cram up to 12 marshmallows onto the sticks it comes with. Once they are properly cooked, you can slide them onto your crackers and munch away. You do need to have a serious s'mores fetish to have a dedicated machine and honestly, it looks like you could do the same with your toaster oven. You can get the S'mores Maker for $39.

[via Redferret]