Smartvue S9 Surveillance System debuts at MacWorld

A cool new video surveillance system has debuted at MacWorld that records video in HD resolution. The solution will work with just about any Mac, PC, mobile phone, or tablet system. The surveillance system is called the Smartvue S9 and offers the gear you need for surveillance in a home or business.

The system has the camera, server software, apps, and remote monitor capability but the components are apparently sold separately. The cameras have 1080p HD resolution and the system uses 802.11n wireless connectivity. The video is stored to HDDs of 1TB to 3TB and the system is plug and play capable.

The apps allow you to video the video from your tablet or smartphone and you can access the feeds over the web from connected devices as well. That means you can keep an eye on your home or office while you are away on business. The S9 can be pre-ordered right now with a starting price of $1999 for the 1TB video server. The cameras are very expensive at $699 each.