Smartphone Coasters hold your smartphone up on the cheap

There are a lot of stands on the market today for smartphones that will prop them up so the screen is more comfortable for extended viewing. The thing that I always wonder about with them is why they are so expensive. Generally, there is nothing complex about the things, yet they often cost $20 or so.

A company called NewPCGadgets has a new product that is a stand that will hold any of your smartphones or tablet devices upright for you while you watch video, read, or surf the web. The thing is called the Smartphone coaster. It will hold your device in portrait or landscape mode. If you have more than one smartphone or device, multiple Smartphone Coasters can be stacked.

The device is made from stainless steel and you can get six of these bad boys for $19.99. That is enough to give as stocking stuffers to other geeks you know or to put one at the office and then spread them around the house. If you need more 1-20 units make them $3.99 each and if you order, 101 or more they are $2.99 each.