SmartNav Hands-free Mouse Uses Your Head

Every once in a while I'll run into some trouble with my mouse. My wireless doesn't always move as smoothly as I'd like and sometimes I have problems with hitting the touch pad on the laptop as I'm typing and sending my cursor flying other places. Even so I can't imagine coming to a point that I wanted to use my head instead.

The SmartNav hands-free mouse seems, to me, to be a little over the top. You attach a device that looks like a helmet/robot hybrid to the top of your monitor and then stick a tiny reflective dot on your forehead and voila, your head is now your mouse. It comes in three versions: AT (Assistive Technology) allows you to click by hovering over the item, EG (Ergonomic) has a foot pedal for you to click with and the Standard version is geared for productivity.

It includes a virtual keyboard and will cost you just under $300. I understand this would be useful for people with carpel tunnel/arthritis or those who've lost use of their hands but I think it'd end up being frustrating and tedious work, not to mention painful on your neck.

SmartNav Hands Free Mouse Alternative – Ergonomic Version – SmartNavEG [via Gizmodo]