Smart Unit keeps tabs on luggage, shows location

The holiday season is upon us, and with it comes chaotic travel through busy airports. Some unfortunate souls among us will inevitably have their luggage lost somewhere between destinations, an issue that the maker behind Smart Unit wants to tackle. Smart Unit is about the size of a portable hard drive, and it is bid as the first anti-theft luggage tracker. With the device, users can see the location of their luggage nearly anywhere in the world, as well as when it is nearby and when it is moving away.

The Smart Unit is put in one's luggage, where it communicates with a paired smartphone via its related app. If the luggage moves beyond a certain distance from the owner, the smartphone will receive a notification; likewise, it'll alert when it is nearby, making it easier to find after getting off the plane.

In order to be FAA compliant, Smart Unit becomes inactive between takeoff and landing. The battery allows it to function for a week before needing charged, and it connects to any GSM/GPRS networks that are available to show its location in the event it is lost. In addition, Smart Unit will alert if the luggage is opened.

Smart Unit's maker is looking to raise $50,000 to fund the device, and it has thus far just gotten started with about $1,600 in pledges. You'll need to back the project at least $59 to get a "very early bird" unit, which will be offered in blue, orange, or red and will ship in March. The eventual retail price will be $99.

SOURCE: Kickstarter