Smart teases new tiny car, takes jab at big vehicles

Brittany A. Roston - Jul 14, 2014, 10:18 am CDT
Smart teases new tiny car, takes jab at big vehicles

Smart, maker of the tiny Fortwo cars, has a new model up its sleeve, and to tease its existence, the manufacturer has released a long promotional video for just the opposite: a giant Smart Car that towers amongst its road-bound brethren, offering such perks as “Eco Empathy” and the ability to drive everywhere backwards.

The marketing ad kicks off with workers carving a model for a giant Smart Car out of clay, leading to prototype models being shown on the road next to the regular tiny car and other vehicles. The topic centers around the usefulness of big cars in the city.

Features such as Eco Empathy — blocking the air flow for all the cars behind the giant Smart, are touted as features, increasing the fuel mileage for all the other cars on the road. Other ridiculous features are touted, all in a professional-looking promo.

Of course, it is all nonsense. This is Smart’s way of taking a jab at big cars in big cities, offering a tongue-in-cheek criticism of why they aren’t practical. Following it is the video below, where the fake promo was shown to unsuspecting viewers to get their reactions.

The real Smart update will be revealed later this week.

VIA: Autoblog

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