Smart, JBL pack a crazy 16-speaker system in tiny Fortwo car

Smart and JBL decided to get a little crazy together and the result is an insane (and probably incredibly fun) Fortwo car packed with 16 speakers and two subwoofers. The Smart Fortwo car is a tiny car, likely the smallest you'll find zipping down your road. Fitting it with so many speakers, then, necessitated near-cramming to get it all packed in. As a result, it's likely also the smallest car able to blast 5,720W and 150 dB of music. Why did Smart decide to undertake this project? you're likely wondering. The answer is exactly as it should be: just because it wondered if it could.

The auto maker says that the resulting Fortwo car is "probably the world's smallest concert hall on wheels", and interestingly enough, the car can be a mobile amplifier for live concerts and similar settings. The auto maker and JBL plan to tour the speaker-laden Fortwo in Europe this summer, but the particulars have been revealed ahead of that.

The speaker system is able to play lossless (FLAC, etc) audio files, as well as audio over Bluetooth. To help put the sheer size into perspective, smart says that 100 meters of cable and 10 square meters of insulating material was used as part of this installation. There's ambient lighting to complement all of the speakers, as well, which were implemented in such a way to complement the Fortwo's natural design.

They're calling this car the Smart Forgigs, and — sorry hopeful audiophiles with a love for tiny cars — they won't be making this a production model. But, of course, they are hawking the JBL sound systems you can get in the latest generation of Smart cars, which might be enough to satisfy your tastes.

The big questions though remains unanswered: does cranking up the audio cause the tiny car to bounce off the road?

VIA: Gizmag, Daimler