Smart Finger turns your fingers into a digital ruler

Shane McGlaun - Sep 13, 2010
Smart Finger turns your fingers into a digital ruler

I’m not into anything that requires enough accuracy for me to bother with the need to get measurements that are accurate. I can get by with measurements of it’s about an inch long or so on. If you are the accurate type that wants to know exactly how long something is the Smart Fingers concept is a cool way to measure.

The thing looks like some sort of needle wielding death claws from a kung-fu movie. They slip on the fingers and when you move your fingers apart, the sensors in the Smart Fingers are able to accurately measure exactly how long an item is. You can also have the sensor remember previous measurements to determine the volume and other measurements that require multiple figures.

The concept can measure length, breadth, and volume and the measurement is displayed on a screen on the device. Inside the Smart Fingers is a soft silicone material that is able to conform to the size of the individual’s fingers so the thing fits anyone snugly. You can wear the sensors on different hands for measuring larger items and I would assume you could give one to someone else to measure really big things up to a certain point.

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