Smarfish Pro prevents carpal tunnel by periodically adjusting itself

One thing that we, the computer generation, are always getting a little bit closer to is carpal tunnel syndrome.  Between writing, posting comments con Facebook and gaming we are growing ever close to feeling the pain that is carpal tunnel.  The Smartfish Pro is designed to help prevent it rather than just contributing to the cause.

There have been hundreds upon thousands of devices out there that are designed to aid us with low strain typing, but many of them are really rather odd. The Smartfish Pro is a great solution to this growing problem without announcing to the office that you are trying to prevent what seems to be unavoidable.  By now your asking just how does this work.

The Smartfish Pro is outfitted with motors that slightly shift the keyboards angle throughout the day to help resist the repetitive stress injuries. In addition the keyboard will track your typing speed and adjust the angel and separation according to your specific needs. They are available today for about $130.