Slow Photography

David McCourt is a photographer from the UK. He noticed that current mobile phones are getting better and better. The tiniest cameras in the latest smartphones have the resolution of the most expensive D-SLR's from just a few years ago. The problem here is that people are getting interested in photography without understanding the basic principles of composition, framing, and lens selection. The Slow Photography camera is a middleground between an expensive D-SLR and the point-and-shoot smartphone cameras.

To operate the Slow Photography camera, simply slip your phone into the slot for it and then select your lens by rotating the selection wheel. David included three lenses, a fixed focal length, macro, and fisheye. Then you look through the viewfinder on top to frame your shot and release the shutter.

Here's a collection of images showcasing the action of David's prototype. Can you tell which pictures come from which lens? I'm not entirely sure, but I'm not really a photographer.

[via Yanko Design]