Slingshot heating mechanism helps create more power

The slingshot madman Joerg Sprave recently showed off something about a slingshot that is pretty cool. When you stretch the rubber band that propels whatever you are shooting from the slingshot, the band heats up and has more pulling force. The bands start to cool right away, and the force of the slingshot is reduced.

That means if you are out hunting zombies and leave your slingshot cocked for a long time it will lose power. That could mean the difference in a dead zombie or one with a headache that is really mad at you. Sprave has fixed this power loss issue with a new enclosed slingshot that looks pretty cool/

The slingshot has a heating element inside an enclosed wooden box mounted on the slingshot. The heating element is powered by a rechargeable battery and when kicked on it heats that rubber band up until it gets all its force back. The red switch on the slingshot turns the heating element on and off. Check out the video to see the slingshot in action.