Slingplayer for Facebook launches

If you are a big fan of SlingBox and tossing content all around to wherever you want it from your home while you are on the road you will like the latest development. The SlingPlayer for Facebook has landed. The announcement comes by way of Slingbox and the app is on Facebook now.

The app you need to grab if you want to sling your content over to Facebook is called the SlingPlayer app using the Facebook search bar. The install instructions are easy to follow and once installed you are good to go. The Facebook service will only work with the Slingbox Pro-HD or Solo boxes.

We don't have all the details on the new Facebook integration right now. It would seem that the deal here would be that you could watch your content via your Facebook page rather than having to be on a computer where you can install a plug-in. That would allow you to watch at the office or a web café or on a friend's computer. I wonder if you can share the content with friends and comment on it while you watch.

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