SlingPlayer coming to iPhone? – Sling Media says probably

James Allan Brady - Mar 28, 2008, 12:45 pm CDT

Dave Zatz over at Sling Media said they were definitely one of the first 100k people to download the recent iPhone SDK and that they have been looking at it in an effort to bring SlingPlayer to the iPhone. Sling Media has been looking for a way to get their coveted software on the iPhone for quite sometime, ever since last April in fact, and it looks like they might finally be able to pull it off.

Thanks to Apple’s recent release of the SDK developers around the world are looking to get their software onto the iPhone and Sling Media is no different with their growing user base the ability for them to get their content from their SlingBox to wherever they want it is ever more important. The biggest issue that SlingMedia is seeing right now is that running the SlingPlayer client over the EDGE network could result in less than optimal performance.

However, there is still the ability to stream over WiFi networks. Also, the 3G iPhone is most certainly coming, hopefully soon, but its certainly coming, and 3G is the minimum connection that Sling Media recommends when using their SlingPlayer on a mobile phone. So, as soon as Apple officially releases the new firmware and they open up the App store we could see a new app from Sling Media in the list provided they can work out the technical details of the whole thing.

[via iPhoneBuzz]

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