SLING TV launches free tier to get people to "Stay in & SLING"

Quarantines and shelter-in-place orders are no longer just a way to stay away from virus threats. It is also becoming a new venue for content makers and distributors to push their services forward. Some of those services, however, do require some form of paid subscription so what better way to both show solidarity and also advertise their product than by offering a new free tier, which is exactly what SLING TV is doing to give its streaming service a bit of good publicity.

Locked inside their homes, people have little choice but to rely on news services to keep updated, especially regarding the COVID-19 crisis that is gripping the world. People also seem to be quite obsessed about how they will not be bored to death during two or more weeks of being stuck at home. Fortunately for them, SLING TV as a solution for both.

Calling it "Stay in & SLING" the new free tier expands on previously limited offers by including dozens of channels and hundreds of movies and shows in the no-cost package. News, of course, comes from ABC News Live while non-news content includes the likes of Hell's Kitchen, Grace Under Fire, Adventure Time, and some free live TV channels.

If you noticed, most if not all of those are pretty old shows. Naturally, SLING TV is dangling its paid offering at a discount ($10 off the first month) to get access to the entire collection the streaming service offers, including your choice of news outlets like CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC. Those who are good testing the waters first can download a free app on Roku, Amazon, or Android devices or visit Sling's website for instructions.

Sling is just one of the latest to step up to the times where Internet services are becoming more than just a luxury. Other content distributors, like Disney+ and Universal Pictures, are also releasing films in digital format earlier than scheduled in order to give people more choices, not to mention make up for time and money they may lose due to lockdowns.