Slim Trim Razor keeps your sideburns spiffy

We've all done silly things to save money. Many guys try to groom their own sideburns and the results can be disastrous and obvious. No one wants that lopsided look, so to avoid such grooming errors, there's the Slim Trim Razor.

The Slim Trim Razor was designed by James McAdam, a London-based designer, and it features a caliper and two razor blades. This is a serious trimmer! You can get your sideburns groomed to perfection without forking over the cash for a professional trim.

I don't know how many guys out there would be willing to measure their sideburns while trimming them, but hey, at least this way the calipers are attached for your convenience. This thing doesn't look that safe though, so be sure to be careful.

[via Coolbuzz]