Sleep Number 360 tries to make the case for smarter beds

Sleep is perhaps both the most undervalued and, at the same time, overrated aspects of our biological lives. We use technology day in and day out to improve our food intake, our activities, and sometimes even our grooming. But very few of those technologies actually focus on the time when we're not active, aside from the very basic sleep monitoring function of fitness trackers. At CES 2017, Sleep Number is aiming to change all that with the Sleep Number 360 smart bed that employs all sorts of sensors, temperature controls, and even IoT communication to give you the best sleep of your life.

No one would blame you if you started dozing off after hearing Sleep Number's spiel. In most cases, that might be seen as an insult. In this context, it might be flattery. Sleep Number's goal is, after all, to give you the best sleep ever. And this smart bed tries to do that by adjusting every setting or condition possible, because you're too unconscious to do that yourself.

For example, the bed automatically heats or cools your side of the bed to match your preferred temperature range. And it can even do so depending on the room temperature as detected by something like a Nest Learning Thermostat. It warms your foot because science says you'll fall asleep faster that way. And it also adjusts its firmness and form depending on whether you're sleeping on your back or on your side.

Amusingly, Sleep Number claims the bed can even detect snoring and quickly remedy it. No, not by suffocation but by raising the snorer's head seven degrees to relieve the symptoms.

The Sleep Number 360 isn't scheduled to hit Sleep Number's stores until some time in the first half of the year. But when they do, they will be carrying similar prices to the company's other beds, which range from $700 all the way to $5,900. Talk about a rude awakening.

SOURCE: Sleep Number