Slashgear makes top 100 blogs list

As it turns out, there are people that do in fact read Slashgear. I've sometimes wondered if I'm just typing up articles for my own enjoyment, and that the people commenting on my posts are really just the voices in my head. It turns out that you are in fact real people, and there are quite a few of you that read us on a regular basis.

The guys over at Self Made Minds decided to compile a list of the top 100 blogs according to their FeedBurner stats. We're proud to say that we made the cut. At last check we are ranked number 84. That's pretty good for a tech blog that has only been in the game as long as we have.

You might look at the list and wonder why big player Gizmodo isn't on the list. The list is only made up of blogs that both use and post their FeedBurner stats. Since Gizmodo doesn't do this they didn't make the cut. Had they made it to the list, I'm sure that they would have ranked somewhere close to us, maybe just a little bit higher.

Thanks Al!

[via selfmademinds]