SlashGear Hits the iTunes App Store

Today marks a glorious day for SlashGear. As of about 7PM Eastern, the official SlashGear application has been available for download to your favorite i-device, courtesy of Apple's iTunes App Store. It's a great way to stay abreast of all the up-to-the-minute updates, read the latest columns, and check out reviews of that next big purchase you're planning to make while you're staring at it in the store.

The application itself measures in at 2.3MB, and right now (for the obvious reasons), it's currently at version 1.0.0. And you get all that goodness for free, of course. Other goodies include watching streaming videos of our latest reviews, unboxings, hands-on time, and press events. You can also bookmark articles for your offline perusal at a later date. The best part, though, is that everything is updated in real-time, which includes Features, Reviews, and Columns.

We're also happy to include intelligent caching, so that your new SlashGear application downloads only new and updated content, but we also threw in a refresh button just in case you can't wait (we understand wholeheartedly). But, just as a friendly reminder, you can't get all those goodies if you don't have a network connection/access, so keep that in mind. The application is compatible with the iPod Touch and iPhone, and it requires that your iPhone OS be 3.1 or later. So, go download! And remember, rating is caring.

[via iTunes]