Slack is now selling emoji-based temporary tattoos

Have you ever looked at an emoji and wished you could print it on your flesh in the style of classic American tattoos? If you answer yes, then Slack has good news for you. The company has added a pack of temporary tattoos to its online store. The tattoos were designed by tattoo artist Jessi Preston and come in sets of half a dozen. This is the latest item in Slack's online store for physical goods.

If you're not familiar with Slack's online store — called the Slack Shop — it is a destination for mostly Slack-themed trinkets and goodies like a pair of socks with Slack's color scheme, Slack emblem stickers, Slack coasters, a t-shirt, and similar things. It's another way for the company to make money, and it's a fun side shop for those particularly obsessed with the platform.

The tattoos are all designed in the classic American tattoo style — thick lines, gradient shading, and large color blocks — and they're based, in part at least, on popular emoji. Judging by images of them, they don't look terribly large, probably somewhere around 3-inches in size (Slack doesn't specify either way).

It's a fun deviation from the other Slack updates we've seen recently — the company added a "Sign in With Slack" option not too long ago, which is being utilized by Quip and others. There are also voice calls now for everyone, and the company also rolled out message buttons not terribly long ago. Check out the timeline below for more details!

VIA: The Next Web