Skype users can now sign up with Microsoft account

On the official Skype blog today, Microsoft announced a new sign-up method for those who are new to the service: one's Microsoft account. The new sign up method is being touted as bringing a few perks to the service, not the least of which is adding Skype to the list of services that fall under one's Microsoft account, keeping the service in line with the company's other products.

New users to the service can register use their Microsoft account, which Microsoft says offer better security than the previous method. That method keeps one's Microsoft services all aggregated under a single account, but for those who prefer (given the extent of the contacts), it is also possible for new users to sign up using their Facebook account.

Microsoft addressed some obvious questions current users will have in light of these changes, which allows current users to sign in with a Microsoft account as well. By doing this, it will offer "enhanced password recovery", allowing it to be reset using an email or text message, for example. There's also the ability to enable two-step verification for additional security.

This announcement is joined by an update to Skype for Windows Phone 8 2.16, which will have all new mobile users on the platform register with their Microsoft account. Existing users can link their Microsoft account by signing in with the credentials the next time Skype is fired up, which will bring the same aforementioned security benefits.