Skype update brings 720p video to Retina-display iOS devices

The latest Skype update has arrived in the iOS App Store and this one has a focus on video calling. Specifically, those sporting an iPhone 5 or fourth-generation iPad will now be able to make 720p HD quality video calls. While the 720p video is limited to the Retina-display devices, that is not where this update has stopped.

Other items listed include general fixes and improvements as well as audio and video call quality and stability improvements. Basically, while those with an iPhone 5 or 4th-gen iPad will have a higher quality in terms of video, all Skype users should have an improved experience overall. This update also added a new country code selector on the dialpad.

And for those who disliked or had a hard time using the previous, this one is said to be "easier to use." Of course, as with previous releases of Skype, this latest continues with requirement of iOS 5 or later for use. It also looks like there has been some improvements for those using the iOS 7 beta. Details point towards how this update should make for a significantly improved version on iOS 7 devices.

More important for some, it was also said that Skype will arrive with "full iOS 7 support" when it leaves the beta period and arrives for all users. As for what this update does for iOS 7 beta users, this was described as the general sounding "stability improvements" however there was mention of how "this release fixes some of the major issues you were facing."

Bottom line here, those sporting a newer iOS device will have an improved video calling experience and all others should rest easy knowing that there shouldn't be any issues when iOS 7 leaves the beta period.

SOURCE: Skype Blog