Skype translation service rolls out in preview form

Chatting with someone of a different language can be a daunting task, but technology is bridging the language barrier daily. Google has their translation service, which serves as a robust tool for travelers, but what about calls? Skype has begun testing their own translation features on Windows 8.1. Not only for voice calls, Skype will have translation available for video chats as well. The features are still in testing, and Microsoft is looking for brave (hopefully bilingual, we're sure) folks who are willing to help it along.

Skype's translation features have been expected for some time, and this beta rollout fits right in the timeline they said they'd release it. The beta program is for a select few languages, and though we've not been told just what those are, the more prevalent languages like Spanish are likely on the list.

For instant messaging, Skype's translation works like you'd think. A message is routed via a server, which then spits out the translated text. With video and voice, it's about the same, except Microsoft is relying on voice controls.

The neat part about video chat is that the translation will display in printed form at the bottom of the screen.

If you're interested in giving Skype's translation service a shot, check out the source link below. Just remember, you'll need to have Windows 8.1 before it will work for you!

Source: Skype