Skype teams up with StubHub, Skyscanner to launch new bots

Skype is keeping the bot train rolling, today announcing five new bots that are coming to use from a variety of corporate partnerships. The new round up includes bots from the likes of Skyscanner and StubHub, even tossing a Spock Bot into the mix to coincide with the recent release of Star Trek: Beyond. If you've ever wanted to talk logic with the premiere Vulcan himself, now is your chance.

These five bots are joining the already extensive list of bots offered by Skype. All of them, save for maybe Spock-themed one, serve some kind of purpose beyond the novelty of interacting with a bot, with the Skyscanner Bot seeming particularly useful for planning trips with friends or family. The SkyScanner Bot will use location suggestions to search for live flight prices and routes, potentially taking some of the stress out of finding the right flight for your trip.

The Hipmunk Bot works in a similar fashion to the Skyscanner Bot, only this particular bot will come back with hotel information and "general travel advice" on top of flight details. You can probably guess what the StubHub Bot does, but just in case you're out of the loop when it comes to what StubHub is, you can use the bot to find tickets to a variety of events ranging from sports to concerts.

The IFTTT Bot will aim to send you notifications from apps and websites based on certain "if this, then that" triggers you set, and rounding out the list of new bots is Spock, who is more than willing to point out the various ways human behavior contradicts Vulcan logic.

So there you have it: Skype's is delivering some big names and quite a bit of utility with its latest smattering of bots. A quick check of Skype shows that they're all available now, so if it sounds like you could get some use out of these new bots, go ahead and add them to your contacts.